fredag 5 februari 2016

Was it Wrong to Drop the Atom Bomb on Japan?

PragerU har gjort några riktigt bra videoklipp, som The War on Work och War on Boys. Men de har även gjort några riktigt usla klipp, som filmen ovan. Den var så barbariskt vilseledande att jag skrev ett svar på den:
Utterly wrong. This is because Mr. Miscamble can only imagine a peace of unconditional surrender as a peace worth pursuing. That is, a peace where the leadership of Japan can be placed under allied authority and risk losing their lives in a Nuremberg trial. That was the victory that the allied sought, after the Potsdam Declaration on the 8th of May 1945 - after having defeated Germany.

Those who talk of a japanase spirit fail to consider that the leaders actually wanted to have a conditional surrender. According to Wikipedia everyone in the government wanted to have a peace, if these conditions were met:

"1. Leave disarmament and demobilization to Imperial General Headquarters
2. No occupation of the Japanese Home Islands, Korea, or Formosa (Taiwan)
3. Delegation to the Japanese government of the punishment of war criminals" (From the "Debate over the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki"-article)

So, keep their government intact, let them keep some lands they had conquered thirty and forty years earlier and let their war criminals go free (which, I believe, happened in either case) - and there would have been no need for the atomic bombings.

AND, the japanese ravages of China would have ended a lot quicker.

So, Mr. Miscamble's verdict that Mr. Truman was doing the most moral thing by demanding an unconditional surrender and used bombing tacts to secure that goal, is deeply flawed, and based on an unreflecting view of military logic.

Kunde varit diplomatiskt, men, jag ville bara skriva att han var en idiot.

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