måndag 12 januari 2009

Lönsam prostitution

Natalie Dylan, från California, säljer sin oskuld och enligt utsaga är det nuvarande högsta budet för hennes tjänster £2,5 miljoner. Hon valde att sälja sig efter att hennes syster hade tjänat ihop college-pengar efter bara tre veckors arbete som prostituerad.

Detta är ett extremt exempel på ett, verkar det som, alltmer vanligt fenomen, nämligen att kvinnor prostituerar sig för att bekosta högre studier. TimesOnline hade en artikel 2006 om denna marknad i England:
MORE and more students are resorting to prostitution or other jobs in the sex industry to pay rising university tuition fees, a study has found.

Research by Kingston University in southwest London suggests that there has been a 50% rise in numbers over the past six years.

In a survey that asked 130 students whether they knew any friends involved in the sex industry, one in 10 said they knew of students who had stripped, lapdanced or worked at massage parlours and escort agencies to support themselves. Just over 6% said they knew students who worked as prostitutes.

The academics found that alcohol and mental problems led some women into stripping and lapdancing. But those resorting to prostitution were simply working to earn money.


According to a 2004 study, clients spend an estimated £534m a year on prostitutes — almost as much as Britons spend on going to the movies. The average cost per encounter was £55, more in London.
Via Marginal Revolution

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